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Biotechnology scientist to speak at Missouri State

Missouri State University will host a seminar featuring Dr. Wendy Young, a scientist with Genentech, a leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, Nov. 8 at 12:55 p.m. in Glass Hall, Room 101. The seminar will discuss real world applications of subjects studied in the cell and molecular biology program, and Genentech’s innovative drug development process.

Following her talk, Young will lead a round table discussion about ideas to foster relationships between biotechnology companies and universities. “In today’s age, science, technology and research are complex and require a team of players to work efficiently to maximize gain,” said Dr. Robert DeLong, assistant professor in the biomedical sciences department. “Increasingly, universities and industries are partnering together to take advantage of this.”

Young, associate director of discovery chemistry at Genentech, manages a team of chemists working to develop drugs for a variety of oncology and immunology disease indications. She received a Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University in 1993 and has worked with various biotechnology companies since.

Genentech is one of the oldest and most prestigious biotechnology companies in the country. In the business field, biotechnology is the commercialization of products biologically derived or biomolecular by origin or design.

This presentation is sponsored by the biomedical sciences department and is supported by a provost’s public affairs grant. The seminar is free and open to the public.

For more information, contact DeLong at (417) 836-5730.