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Movie "Inception" Sparks Intrigue in Dreams


The new Leonardo DiCaprio film Inception has led the box office since its release three weeks ago. It’s about a man who can go into other people’s dreams and take their ideas. The film isn’t just drawing in audiences, though; it’s also sparking an interest in the film’s subject, dreams. We spoke with the School of Metaphysics, which is holding a workshop this weekend about the film and dreams. KSMU’s Adam Murphy reports.

Ivy Norris is the vice president of the School of Metaphysics. By its own definition, this school teaches about “universal laws and truths that govern the inner worlds.” This includes dreams. And dreams are a hot topic right now thanks to the new movie Inception. Norris says she is glad movies like this encourage an interest in dreams.

“It’s just such a rich resource that we have in dreams. That’s part of the reason I’m so grateful that we have Hollywood producing something to stimulate people to think more deeply and to extenuate dreams and cause people to ask questions,” said Norris.

The School of Metaphysics will be holding a workshop this Saturday on Inception. Faculty members from the School of Metaphysics are going to answer questions about the movie and explain some of the topics it brings up about dreams.

Norris says there are many things explored in the movie that are possible, like lucid dreaming, group dreams, and influencing dreams. She says lucid dreaming is the awareness that you are dreaming and the ability to control that dream. She says the ability to lucid dream comes with practice and discipline.

Norris says group dreams, or shared dreams, also occur sometimes.

“Family members can typically do that because they are already open to each other and open to each other’s ideas and they have similar lines of thinking,” she said.

Many people experience recurring dreams, which Norris says are messages from our subconscious.

“When a dream reoccurs it is the subconscious mind trying to communicate a message, and we have yet to understand what that message is. Fortunately, it’s like having an inner friend that continually gives us feedback on ourselves. Once we understand what the message is communicating, then the dream stops,” Norris said.

She says that dreams have a universal language of symbols. These symbols can help people understand recurring dreams. For instance, light usually means awareness and babies often represent new ideas.

Norris says some people can also dream that they met someone, and then end up actually meeting that person. She says others even dream about an accident they are going to have, and are able to avoid it.

Norris says dreams are great because they can help people understand themselves better. She says many people use dreams to answer questions or solve issues in their lives.

“It’s because our subconscious mind gives us truth. Our conscious mind can sometimes lie to us and tell us that we’re not good enough, or smart enough or capable enough. Our subconscious mind’s power is intuition. And so, while in the dream state we’re not encumbered by the conscious mind’s scattered attention, or prejudices or projections. We’re able to simply receive the truth,” she said.

The Inception workshop will be held at the Springfield School of Metaphysics, 2009 N. Douglas Avenue, Springfield, MO 65803. More information is available by calling (417) 831-0955.

For KSMU News I’m Adam Murphy.