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St. John's, CoxHealth and OTC Create New Scholarship

The two major health systems of Springfield have joined hands with Ozarks Technical Community College to provide education for the spouses and dependents of their employees. KSMU’s Emma Wilson brings us the story.

CoxHealth and St. John’s Health systems announced that they are committed to providing $500,000 in scholarships to make the plan work. Dr. Hal Higdon, president of OTC described this as an “unprecedented level of cooperation” that will benefit everyone involved. Jon Swope, the President and CEO of St. John's Health Systems, echoed this sentiment.

Swope said, "I think the greatest benefit, quite frankly, is just continuing to work together, in this instance OTC, Cox, and St. John's, to give back to the community."

The half-a-million dollar scholarship money will be spread out over the next five years and will be exclusively for spouses and dependents of the employees working for the two companies to attend OTC’s Allied Health programs. The President and CEO of CoxHealth, Robert Bezanson, said that CoxHealth was eager to give back to the community college.

Bezonson said, "They have always been so responsive by developing programs that meet our needs and so it was a way of partnering together with St. Johns and then partnering with OTC. And in the end result the dependents and spouses of our employees will have the opportunity to pursue their dream."

The scholarship program will begin in the fall.

For KSMU news, I’m Emma Wilson.