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Census 2010 Workers are Coming to Visit Soon

The 2010 Census is well under way, and is gearing up to make house calls for those who have not yet mailed in their information. KSMU’s Theresa Bettmann spoke with census officials and has more.

Across the nation, 72% of the population has already turned in census forms. That is according to statistics from the Census 2010. Greene County has one of the highest response rates among the counties in Missouri with 78% having mailed in forms. Overall, Missouri counties average between a 60 and 80% return rate. Rich Gerdes is spokesperson for the census, and says that they are now gearing up to begin the first phase of house calls.

"In a few areas we are [making visits]. Particularly in the areas right around colleges that are concluding classes this week." said Gerdes.

Gerdes says the best way to avoid a visit from census personnel is to get that form off in the mail.

"You can always send your questionaire in. We're at the point right now where we are starting to prepare for that [home visits]. If you could mail them back as soon as possible, there's a possibility we may not have to come visit you by going to your house." Gerdes said.

Gerdes says that some regions are even still hiring census workers. You can find a link below to more information. For KSMU News, I’m Theresa Bettmann.

Click here for the Census 2010 website