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MSU Faculty Senate Considers Forming Union

On Thursday, the Missouri State University Faculty Senate voted to look into the possibility of forming a union. KSMU’s Matt Evans has the story.

With that vote of approval from the Missouri State University Faculty Senate an ad-hoc committee will be formed to explore the possibilities of creating a union.

This comes after the Board of Governors at the university decided to give administration power to reassign faculty members without their consent. This left some faculty saying the Board of Governors violated the principle of shared governance. Dr. Reed Olsen, a professor of economics at MSU, says this vote should send a message to school administrators.

“I do think that part of the intent of this is to say, to both the Board of Governors and the president, there are problems here. And this is usually the way unionization starts is that there’s problems where the administration or the Board of Governors do not treat faculty well.”

Reed was part of the group who drafted the resolution on the ad-hoc committee. He says the ad-hoc committee will look into the pros and cons of forming a union for collective bargaining purposes. Some senators, like Dr. James Philpot an assistant professor of finance and general business, says forming an ad-hoc committee is a waste of time.

“Even if you like unions, I see no bargaining power here, I see no benefit here. And I can see us saving a waste of time here even considering it further.”

The ad-hoc committee will be formed and will report back to the faculty senate no later than October.

For KSMU News, I’m Matt Evans.