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Calling All Ozarks Women and Girls: NPR Wants Your Stories

NPR's series "The Hidden World of Girls" will explore the poignant coming-of-age rituals and rites of passage for girls in every corner of the world. The series is produced by the Peabody Award-winning “Kitchen Sisters,” Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva, who say they want to hear from Ozarks women. They both joined KSMU's Jennifer Moore by phone.

Nelson and Silva are asking women and girls from the Ozarks, and around the world, to call in with their own stories, rituals, or rites of passage worth noting.

One story they’ve already collected came from a girl in New York City, who talked about a ritual she and her girlfriends have.

“The call it a ‘ritual box.’ It’s a jewelry box they get at Urban Outfitters, sort of jewel-encrusted. And they have slumber parties about once a month. They get together, and this whole group of girl friends all spend the night together. And they put on pieces of paper whatever it is that’s sort of eating them: their issues, their dreams, what it is that they’re trying to struggle with. They put it in this box, and they say they don’t open it up for years and years and years,” she says.

Nelson and Silva have also interviewed tribal women in Mali, gypsy girls in Ireland, and girls from the Navaho tribe in America.

The “Kitchen Sisters” are also collecting great music from women, famous or not. Films, photographs, and video are also welcome to submit.

They are also asking for stories of women who have been pioneers or trailblazers in some way—women who have made a change, even on a small scale.

To submit your own story, music, photos or multimedia to the NPR series, you can call 202-408-9576, or click here for the Hidden World of Girls website.

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.