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MODOT Working to Improve Snow Covered Roads

The Missouri Department of Transportation has had crews working on area roadways since Wednesday. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Road crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation report the roads are slippery this morningAngela Eden is a senior community relations specialist for the Springfield office of MODOT. She’s urging drivers to take the weather situation seriously because of the slick roads and bitter cold.

Eden says, "This has gone beyond just an inconvenience. It's what I feel like is a significant threat to people's well being if they do slide off the road and are stuck or stranded for a while. This could be a life or death situation for them."

Eden says MODOT crews have been out since Wednesday, working to improve road conditions for drivers.

Eden says, "They've been working since about3 or 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. They've been treating, plowing, doing what they can to improve the road conditions overnight and into the morning hours. We're having trouble with the winds and blowing snows. Most of our major roadways are still snow covered this morning. We are making in-roads on I-44 in areas but for the most part, things are still being reported by our crews as being covered."

Eden warns drivers to slow down and to stay out of the way of the snow plows.