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Springfield Fire Department Given Lower Provisional Rating from ISO

The Insurance Services Office (or ISO) rates communities on how well their fire departments function. The ISO completed its ten year review of the Springfield Fire Department in May.

The fire department has been given a rating of a class three, which is lower than its previous rating of class two, but it has 60 days to implement an action plan to try to keep its current rating. Interim Co-Chief David Hall says several factors contributed to the lower provisional rating.

“We’ve got to get our staffing up; we have to get that back to the normal amount to have any hopes of being able to maintain our class two rating.”

The fire department is currently short 16 positions. The department has implemented a plan that includes re-staffing the positions; improving the training building, and purchasing about $5,000 worth of equipment to keep its current rating.

“We’re just not going to have a choice; we’re going to have to do that to maintain this ISO. So it will put some additional burden on the budget that we currently have.”

After the action plan is submitted to the ISO, the department will have until next November to complete all the improvements. The ISO will give its official rating in May of 2010 after reviewing the action plan.

For KSMU News, I’m Matt Evans.