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Ruth Reichl: A New Book And The End Of 'Gourmet'

Before she took the helm at <em>Gourmet,</em> Ruth Reichl won two James Beard Awards for her work as restaurant critic for <em>The New York Times.</em>
Andrew H. Walker
Getty Images
Before she took the helm at Gourmet, Ruth Reichl won two James Beard Awards for her work as restaurant critic for The New York Times.

Noted food writer Ruth Reichl has served as the editor in chief of Gourmet since 1999. Though corporate parent Conde Nast recently announced that the magazine's last issue will be printed next month, Reichl continues to push culinary boundaries in her latest book Gourmet Today, which was published in Sept. 2009.

Reichl is also the author of the recent memoir, Not Becoming My Mother. Her mother's story is one that she meant to write for years, Reichl has said, but could never find a way to tell it. Once she found her mother's box of letters and notes in a dusty box in the basement, Reichl rediscovered her mother in a way that redefined her own childhood relationship with her.

Reichl has written three other memoirs: Tender at the Bone, Comfort Me with Apples and Garlic and Sapphires. She will be featured in the upcoming PBS program Gourmet's Adventures with Ruth.

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