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CU Explains Electric, Natural Gas Cost Adjustments

City Utilities of Springfield’s recent electric, and natural gas fuel cost adjustments show they have over-collected around $8 million dollars from customers in the last six months. KSMU’s Katie Easley spoke with CU officials about how this will impact your monthly utility bill.

“The electric fuel adjustment is a mechanism that is used by utilities, including City Utilities of Springfield, to help true up fuel costs for generating electricity,” says Viguet.

That’s Mark Viguet. He says that CU projects what they think fuel costs for generating electricity will be six months in advance. Natural gas adjustments happen monthly.

“You know that to some degree or another that those projections probably won’t pan out to exactly as you thought and to the extent that they do not you true those costs up to make sure customers are only paying for the fuel that’s actually used,” says Viguet.

According to Viguet the average residential customer will see a $1.53 decrease in natural gas and an $8.43 decrease in electricity on their monthly utility bill when compared to last year’s, starting this October. These numbers change every time an adjustment is made.

“One thing I would point out is these can go both ways. If you are in a period for rising costs for things like coal, natural gas and fuel oil. Depending on how much those costs rise during a period the fuel adjustment factor can also go the other way. In other words customers may pay a little more than they were,” says Viguet.

If customers have any questions about their utility bills they are encouraged to call CU’s customer service line. For more information, you can visit our website:

For KSMU News, I’m Katie Easley.