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$3.5 million for the Ozarks United Way

The United Way of the Ozarks announced its 2009 campaign goal Wednesday. The funds will be distributed among the United Way’s 60 plus partner agencies and initiatives. KSMU’s Adam Murphy reports.

The fundraising goal for this year is $3, 515,000. This is about a two percent increase from last year’s campaign. The amount for the 2009 campaign was decided by looking at prospective donors and talking to current supporters. Despite economic concerns, Cindy Howell, spokesperson for the United Way, has confidence in the campaign’s ability to reach its goal.

“I know that if they know the story and they look to see where the need is, Springfield has a tremendous culture in bringing together and taking care of their own,” said Howell.

The 2009 campaign is now underway, and will continue through October 31. To support the campaign, the Community Foundation of the Ozarks has awarded the United Way a $25,000 leadership challenge grant. This grant will match gifts that are $500 or more

The money raised in the campaign will fund more than 60 agencies and initiatives that partner with the United Way. Community volunteers decide how the money is distributed after analyzing the needs of the Ozarks community including healthcare, basic needs, safe neighborhoods, successful youth, and at-risk children. For more information on the campaign or on donating to the United Way, you can visit their website at For KSMU News, I’m Adam Murphy.