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MSU Stadium Light Clean Up Begins, Engineers Start Inspection


Workers began cleaning up the 80 foot metal stadium light pole Wednesday, after its unexpected fall Tuesday afternoon on the Missouri State University campus. And engineers are inspecting other poles to see if they’re structurally sound. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner reports.

“I’m standing next to the fallen light post at Plaster Sports Complex, where welders are cutting the light post into six different pieces to help carry it away.”

“Well, we are in the process now of cleaning up the pole that fell,” McClure said.

Ken McClure is the vice president for administrative and information services at Missouri State University.

He says the university has hired engineers to look at the other light poles to make sure they don’t fall too.

“We are doing, through an engineering company a structural inspection of the remaining light poles and we hope that will be completed as soon as we can,” McClure said.

He says the university doesn’t know how much it will cost to replace the light pole.

McClure says they won’t know exactly what made the light pole fall until after the engineers look at it.

“We don’t know specifics at this point. It looked like some of the metal base had been corroded, but as far as what caused that we’re still trying to form our opinions,” McClure said.

He says that the light pole should be cleaned up by Wednesday or Thursday.

McClure says the university won’t know if the other light poles will need to be replaced until the engineers are done with their inspection.

For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.