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Springfield Company Goes Green

“Green fever” is hitting a Springfield accounting firm.BKD is taking steps to reduce, reuse, and go “paperless." KSMU’s Erika Brame went to the BKD office to learn more about its new program to reduce paper use.

BKD is an accounting firm in Springfield that is no longer using paper for employee seminars or events.Eileen Wollenburg is the director of learning and development at BKD.She says in an effort by her department to go “green,” all seminars and training classes will be held using computers and the company’s intranet.Wollenburg says her department spends many hours just putting together binders filled with 150 pages of information.With the company’s intranet-based system, she says her department can let go of the paper and focus on the information.

“We used to spend a great deal of time just even passing out the manuals and setting those up. So that will let our staff also do a variety of other things that are really more important on getting the information to the people and not the pieces of paper to the people,” she said.

Everyone at the firm uses a laptop which they can carry to the events set up by Wollenburg’s department.She says these computers will also help clients and employees connect one-on-one outside of the office.

Wollenburg says BKD isn’t just saving stock piles of paper, the company is also combining its events for staff to reduce the amount travel and gas.

“It’s productivity all the way around. It’s less carbon in the atmosphere due to only one vehicle going instead of three or four vehicles at some other time,” she said.

Wollenburg says the company is already recycling paper and other items inside the office.

She says the firm’s new building across the street from the company’s current location in Hammons Tower is using energy saving light bulbs.

She says BKD will continue to find more ways to save time, money, and paper.For KSMU News, I’m Erika Brame.