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Civil War Group Seeks Local Monuments, Markers


A group of women who can trace their roots back to Civil War soldiers is undertaking a unique project to remember and honor their ancestors, and the epic war they fought in. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore has details.

Sally Bueno knows her Civil War history. She’s the descendant of a Union veteran of the war, and is now spearheading an effort to find and document the Civil War monuments or markers throughout southwest Missouri. Bueno says many people don’t realize how important of a role the southwest corner of the state played in the war that pinned brother against brother.

She’s a member of the group “Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War.” They intend to publish the local Civil War monuments in a book later this year. But first, they need the public’s help in locating them.

“Our group will be compiling this through September. And if you find any marker that has any relationship to the Civil War on it at all, we would like to hear from you,” Bueno says.

Bueno says they’re only looking for monuments or markers, and not gravesites.

If you know of a Civil War monument or marker in southwest Missouri, the group is asking that you call 417-744-4541. Alternatively, you can send an email to:

For KSMU News, I’m Jennifer Moore.


Daughers of Union Veterans of the Civil War (National Website)

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