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Motorcycle Riders React to Nixon's Veto of Helmet Repeal


If anyone’s planning on going for a motorcycle ride, it will have to be with a helmet on. On Thursday, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed legislation that would have relaxed a mandatory helmet law for motorcycle riders in Missouri. KSMU’s Jennifer Moore reports.

Critics of the bill—including safety groups—are, of course, pleased with the governor’s decision. But to find out how motorcycle riders feel about it, we headed out to Denney’s Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Springfield. Amidst the bikes, boots and helmets, we found John Burkett, sales manager at the store. He rides a motorcycle himself. And he began by telling me he wasn’t surprised that the governor vetoed the bill.

Burkett said although he personally would have continued to ride with a helmet even if the bill would have been signed into law, he feels that riders should have the personal choice whether to wear one or not.

The bill would have allowed motorcycle riders ages 21 and older to ride helmet-free on all roads except interstate highways.

For KSMU News, I'm Jennifer Moore.