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Springfield City Council Turns Down Pitt Bull Proposal

It’s been three years since Springfield City Council passed legislation that put tougher restrictions on the rescue and adoption of Pitt Bulls.At Monday night’s council meeting, a measure to ease restrictions on taking in a Pitt Bull failed to pass.KSMU’s Erika Brame was there and files this report.

Pitt Bulls must receive an aggressive behavior screening, rabies shots, and micro chips before they can be adopted.These are just a few of the restrictions currently placed on Pitt Bulls here in Springfield.Councilwoman Mary Collette tried to make these animals more easily adoptable at Monday night’s council meeting.She proposed changes that would allow rescue groups to waive the $50,000 insurance requirement for having Pitt Bulls.Supporters of the proposal came out to share their stories, such as Jessica Johns of Springfield.She says the owners are the problem, not the breed of dog.“So the first reason I don’t support breed specific legislation I think that targeting a specific breed misses the mark. I think that dangerous dogs should be targeted, that poor owners should be targeted. People who breed these dogs for money and for sport should be targeted not a certain breed of dog,” she said.

Yet Rick Gillmore says those very owners pose a great threat to him and his family, and that the city has done nothing about it.“We’ve had problems with the Pitt Bulls chasing my wife and our grandkids. They had to run to the house. I have filed four complaints with the city. I had the police over about the guy’s Pitt Bulls and he still has Pitt Bulls. He does not have a chain link fenced yard,” he said.

The proposal failed in a 6-3 vote.Also, at the next council meeting Springfield will see a new Mayor and several new members.For KSMU News I’m Erika Brame.