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Weathering The Economy: McCoy Auto Group

For KSMU’s Sense of Community Series, I’m Mike Smith. Join with me now as we listen to the owner of McCoy Auto Group share some of his experiences of dealing with the economic downturn, in his own words

I’m Butch McCoy of the McCoy Auto Group, a used car dealership here in Springfield. We have 10 employees here. The economic situation has kind of slowed down everyone’s approach a little bit. There’s a trend to be more conservative and spend less money. As far as used car buying, our business here has been pretty steady, but the used car inventory for us has been harder to come by. Dealerships aren’t trading for as many used cars as people just aren’t buying as many new cars and that limits our ability to get used cars. On the economy, that’s really a tough one. I don’t know which way is the best way to go. I don’t think an open check book policy for the big spenders is a good policy. These (big) companies were built from small companies and had to work their way through, and I think this is something they will have to work their way through also. Now, the government might be able to lend a hand, but I don’t believe total bailout is the way to go. Hopefully, everything will come around and just like the old saying goes, we’ll have a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot. As long as we all pull together, I think we can make that happen.