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Gifted Students Volunteer at Homeless Facility

This week, an agency that serves the homeless is getting help from gifted students from Springfield Public Schools. KSMU’s Missy Shelton reports.

Groups of 8th grade students are working at The Kitchen this week.They’re doing things like sorting donations, helping prepare meals, and working at the agency’s thrift store.Melissa Sharpsteen is an 8th grade teacher at WINGS, the program for gifted students in the Springfield Public School district. She helped organize this volunteer project.She says it’s a good experience for 8th grade students.

Eighth grader Evan Robinson was one of the students who went to The Kitchen today to volunteer. This morning before leaving school, he talked about what he hoped to get out of the experience.

Funding for transportation to and from The Kitchen came from a grant through the Springfield Public Schools Foundation. This is the second year that middle school students in the gifted program have volunteered to work with the homeless population through The Kitchen.