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Branson Recycling Center Sees 9% Increase

The Branson Recycling Center saw a nine percent increase in the amount of materials collected in 2008. KSMU's Alvin Chen reports.

Larry VanGilder is the director of public works for the City of Branson.

“Over the 2008 year, our poundage that we received and processed went up nine percent over the year, and for the first time, since the center has been opened, we've processed over one million pounds”, VanGilder said.

The center accepts plastic, paper, metal cans, and electronics such as computer monitors and TVs.

“It’s a green thing to do for our environment. So, every pound that we can reprocess, recycle and reuse is the goal of protecting our environment”, VanGilder said.

VanGilder says the center is in the process of purchasing another baler for plastics. The center also has a drop-off facility for household chemical wastes from Branson and Taney County residents.

For KSMU News, I'm Alvin Chen.