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More Parents Are Using Crisis Nursery Due to the Economic Downturn

Some parents who find themselves in crisis because of the economic downturn are finding help at Isabel’s House in Springfield. KSMU’s Missy Shelton reports.

As some parents struggle to pay rent and meet their family’s basic needs, they sometimes find themselves in a crisis serious enough to impact their ability to care for their children. Parents may need a safe place to leave their children while they look for a new job or more affordable housing. That’s where Isabel’s House can provide some relief.The crisis nursery in Springfield allows parents to leave their children for a short period of time while they deal with a crisis.Gretchen Gambon is Executive Director of Isabel’s House. She says it seems more people are using Isabel’s House because of the down economy.

Gambon says it can be especially difficult for single parents to find an appropriate place to leave their children while they look for a job or housing.

Parents who leave their children at Isabel’s House do not hand over custody of their children. They’re able to visit their kids or talk to them on the phone while they’re staying at Isabel’s House. Gambon says the goal is to help parents feel good about making the difficult decision to place their children in the crisis nursery.

In addition to providing a safe place for children, Isabel’s House helps direct parents in crisis to community resources. This weekend, the Junior League of Springfield, which founded Isabel’s House is holding a fundraiser for the crisis nursery. The Pitter Pat 5K Run/Walk is this Saturday morning at 8. It will take place rain or shine and the race will begin at the corner of Scenic and Bennett.

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