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KSPR Goes Digital at Midnight

As the clock hits midnight tonight, a new age in television transmission will begin for local station KSPR, as it shuts off its analog signal. KSMU’s Nathan McVay has the story.

KSPR is one of nearly 500 stations across the country that will make the transition to digital television transmission tonight.

KSPR’s news director Brad Belote says when viewers wake up tomorrow, some may notice a change, while others may not.

“For folks watching satellite or cable, or maybe watching on their digital television or their digital converter box, they won’t notice anything. For folks who happen to be watching our analog signal it will suddenly go to snow because we will no longer be transmitting it,” he said.

Belote says the initial move to digital transmission goes back to 1996. He says he is proud of the time, work and energy put into making the transition possible.

“We have done everything that I believe we can do. The crawls, the stories, the resources we have made available. Short of mounting an army and going door to door in the 32 counties that we serve I think we have blanketed the message out there, and we will see,” he said.

KSPR is the only television station in the Springfield area making the transition tonight. The other 4 local stations in Springfield anticipate making the switch, April 2nd. For KSMU news, I’m Nathan McVay

For anyone with questions or concerns on the digital transition, they can visit, or call 1-888-CallFCC .