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City Manager Burris Holds Town Hall Meeting Thursday

City Manager Greg Burris will address voters tonight at a town hall meeting, less that 3 weeks before Springfield residents decide on the City Council’s one cent sales tax increase. KSMU's Nathan McVay has the story.

Richard Crabtree is the president of the University Heights Neighborhood Association. He says after hearing concerns of local officers, he felt inclined to ask Burris for a forum to discuss the City’s plans.

“We just can’t afford to lose more officers, I think if more people in the City of Springfield actually knew where the numbers count was and where it was headed. They would be a little bit more concerned and try to do something about it.”

The 7 o’clock meeting will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church. The Church is on the southwest side of Phelps Grove Park. Crabtree is hoping it will be an educational experience.

“That’s what I am hoping comes out of the meeting tonight. That people get that opportunity to express how they feel but to actually learn the message that Mr. Burris has on where this is going to go.”

The one cent on the dollar tax increase has been proposed to help make up for the budget shortfall facing the city. Voters will be asked to decide on the proposal in the February 3rd election. For KSMU news, I’m Nathan McVay