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New Downtown Market to Open This Summer

Most downtown residents are forced to do the bulk of their grocery shopping at stores located quite a distance away from their downtown lofts and apartments. However, one local developer says plans are in the works to give city dwellers more options for grocery shopping in downtown Springfield. KSMU’s Jamie Givens reports.

Morris Dock is a local businessman whose company is currently constructing condominiums in the top levels of the former Wheeler’s furniture building at the corner of South Avenue and Walnut Street.

Dock says plans are close to being finalized that would put a grocery store in the building’s 10,000 foot ground level.

“Well, it’s going to offer a central location for people that live there, so they don’t have to drive to a grocery store. It’s going to be an open market where people can go in and order breakfast. I mean, I know there’s a lot of restaurants downtown, but it will have a great place for breakfast,” said Dock.

The market will have an open feel to it with overhead glass doors which can be raised to provide walk-up access to a produce section and also the market’s coffee shop.

The South Street Market, as it will likely be named, will also have a deli, a large selection of wines and liquors, and even an organic food section.

Dock says construction of the new market won’t begin for at least another two months and he says he expects it to open in June of this year.

For KSMU News, I’m Jamie Givens.