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Christian County Deemed Non-Compliant on Property Tax

Due to a misinterpretation on a ballot, Christian County has been non-compliant with the state auditor in its property taxes for the past seven years. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

In 2001, Christian County officials decided to put on the ballot a five cent increase in the tax rate for senior services.

But, what voters saw on the ballot was a .05 cent increase.

Kay Brown, the Christian County Clerk, says the state auditor’s office misread the increase on the ballot.

“According to the ballot, I would read that to say five cents. According to the state auditor’s office it should have been .005 and so that’s the issue,” Brown said.

Brown says the state auditor’s office read the increase to mean 5/100ths of cent per $100 instead of 5 cents per $100.

Brown says the county has been collecting the intended amount, but the county will be non-compliant with the state until the error is fixed on paper.

“I’m sure that once we receive the information from the state auditor’s office or the state attorney general’s office, I’m sure that it will be rectified and corrected. But, at this time I don’t know how that process will be approached and we haven’t received it yet,” Brown said.

Christian County is one of several counties listed as non-compliant by the state auditor.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.