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Changes Occur at Glenstone/Highway 60 Interchange

Drivers need to be aware of significant changes to the Glenstone/Republic Rd./Route 60 interchange in Springfield. KSMU's Michele Skalicky has more.

As of 10 Thursday morning (11/13), there will be a major change for drivers at the Glenstone/Highway 60 interchange.Angela Eden, spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Transportation, says the change will mainly affect drivers who are southbound on Glenstone and want to go east on James River Freeway.

According to Eden, at the same time the ramp is opened, the traffic signal at the south end of the bridge will be turned off.She says drivers on eastbound 60 need to be aware that, now, traffic will be merging onto the highway both west and east of the Glenstone Avenue interchange.

She says there are dramatic changes to the way people drive thru the interchange, but she hopes those changes will make driving through there easier for motorists.

The 5.2-million-dollar project began in January.Work is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.