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Local Salon Donates Hair for Breast Cancer Patients

After a haircut, most hair salons just sweep up the trimmed pieces of hair and throw them away. But in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, one local salon is hanging onto those locks for a cause. KSMU’s Kristian Kriner reports.
Most people visit Roddie’s Professional Salon for a trim, highlights or a new hair-do.
But this month, some Springfield residents are coming in to chop it all off.
Roddie’s Professional Salon has been donating hair to Locks of Love for at least 15 years.
Renee Elliott, owner of the salon, says people donate hair every month, but in October there are always more hair donations due to Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
“On an average we have a couple a month; probably two a month. I think we have done four so far in October,” Elliott said.
Elliott brings out a large manila envelope and empties its contents onto the countertop.
Over a dozen long ponytails, some of them braided, fall to the counter.
Some are blonde, others are dark.
Elliott says most of the people donating their hair are doing it for a mother, sister or an aunt that has breast cancer.
She says she sees more donations from 10 to 13 year olds girls than older women.
“I guess their parents probably talk to them about it. When, you know, they grow their hair long and they say ‘hey, would you like to do this,’ and it explain it do them. So have a lot of them that that’s what they do. I’ve had some of them do it twice. I guess because they seem like they can grow their hair faster and the long hair is in style and they want a new style, so they cut it all off,” Elliott said.
Elliott says that donations have to be at least 10 inches from tip to tip or Locks of Love will have trouble using the hair to make a wig.
The salon owner says she sees a lot more men donate their long hair than people would think.
“It’s no as uncommon as you would think. One day, we had a gentlemen come through the door and he was carrying through door and he was carrying it in his hands like a baby. His mother had cut it for him the day before. He says ‘Will you take this and send it to Locks of Love for me?’ And I said, ‘Sure.’ It was sad for him to say goodbye to his ponytail,” Elliott said.
Elliott says it’s great to see people willing to cut off all their hair to donate it to someone that has lost theirs due to breast cancer.
For more information, including a slideshow of the donated locks, you can click on the link to this story from our website
For KSMU News, I’m Kristian Kriner.LinksLocks of Love