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Students Hold Event to Spread Awareness About Sustainable Energy

Nat Sound Under

"Students for a Sustainable Future," is a student group at Missouri State University, and is holding its 3rd semi-annual Ecopalooza on the north mall of Missouri State's campus today.

This organization is among those who are concerned about the environment, and they are doing their share in spreading the awareness of such issues.

Steven Eudaly, the event coordinator says how the group of students attempts to spread awareness of environmental concerns.

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Ecopalooza features live music, and provides information, products, and services from local sustainable minded businesses and student organizations.

This event started today at noon, and continues until 10pm.

With the wrap up of last night's second Presidential debate the eyes and ears of the nation were focused on key issues that will affect the future of the American people.

One major issue that many are concerned about is the state of the environment, and the hope for new resources of energy sustainability.

For KSMU, I'm Ryan Farmer