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Springfield Holds Local Bike Ride for the Whole Family

The Tour of Missouri bicycle race will be rolling into the Queen City today. Last night, locals got a jump start on the racing festivities at the Tour of Springfield Community Bike Ride.

KSMU's Erika Brame attended the event and files this report.

The sounds of cow bells, bike chains, and children playing filled the Springfield Mediacom Ice Park Pavilion Monday night.

The Tour of Springfield Community Bike Ride was for people of all ages, and bikers of all skill levels.

The Springfield Police Department was on hand to fit young riders with proper bike helmets.

Missouri State University Bicycle Police Officer Rick Noble says many children don't wear their helmets properly.

"I see a lot of kids helmet, they've got it on they've got it snapped but they wear it cocked back almost like a baseball cap and it exposes the front of their forehead, which is almost like not having a helmet on at all.

Riley Beemin was one of the young bike riders who got fit for a helmet.

He had two silver tubes stinking out the side of his orange bike. He explained that he uses them to do what he calls "The Superman Trick."

"You lay on your belly and your arms are straight out hanging on to the handle bars and your belly is on the seat and your feet are straight back like your flying."

This was the second annual fun ride. Anne Mary McGrath, Special Events Administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Parks Department, says the event is geared for the whole family.

"And as you can see there are some kids here that have training wheels on their bikes. They've got them on little bike racks. I somebody who's grandfather who said he had a little rack on the back of his bike for his 11 month old granddaughter. So this is her first bike ride he said, so staring them young."

The event was a playful preview of today's professional race. The Tour of Missouri Bikers are riding the 125-mile-stretch from Clinton to Springfield.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.