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Back to School: How to Get the Most Out of Study Time

It's back to school time. In this segment of our Back to School Series, learn tips on helping your children get the most out of their study time.

Soon, Springfield Public School students will start hitting the books. School starts back up on Monday. Parents can help make studying easier for their kids by doing a few simple things. Renette Wardlow, human development specialists with University of Missouri Extension, says the most important thing they can do is to encourage their kids and make them realize how important education is.

And they should be encouraged to do as much of their homework as they can from the very beginning.

If a child continues to have trouble with homework, Wardlow suggests talking with their teacher to see what needs to be done.

Parents can also help by providing a quiet place to study. One that's free of distractions.

She says the earlier that starts, the better. An ideal study spot should be a consistent one away from other activities. It can be a desk of their own or even the kitchen table as long as there are no distractions.

And parents need to make sure kids have time for homework and studying. Wardlow says even though many parents and kids have hectic lives these days, education needs to come first.

This program is available on the web at Tomorrow morning at 7:30, learn ways to make mornings less hectic and get your children off to school in a positive way.