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Experts Offer Tips to Keep Pets Cool and Healthy During Extreme Heat

{expertsoff_3567.mp3}During the hot summer months, pets are susceptible to overheating just like humans. KSMU's Brett Moser takes a closer look at ways to keep pets cool and healthy during hot weather.

When humans feel the scorching heat of a humid summer day, you might journey into the air conditioned paradise of the indoors or quench your thirst with a glass of ice water.

But pets on the other hand don't have it as lucky, relying on their owners to keep them cool and safe during extreme heat waves.

Jaci McReynolds is the Public Information Administrator for the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. She says just like humans, hydration is key to ensuring your pets health during the summer.

McReynolds says pets are most at risk when they are left for a prolonged period of time in a hot environment, such as the backyard while the owner is away at work or in a car during a quick stop at the store.

Dr. Molly Ramsey at Galloway Village Veterinary says heat stroke can be deadly for pets.

Dr. Ramsey says if your pet becomes overheated, contact your regular veterinarian for advice before administering aide on your own. Owners can also contact the emergency veterinary clinic in Springfield after hours and on weekends.

I'm Brett Moser for KSMU News.

If you believe an animal is being neglected in the heat, you can file a report by calling (417) 864-1126 or visit the Humane Society of Missouri website at


  • Humane Society of Missouri Website