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Republican Candidates for Governor Visit Springfield before Primaries

Both Republican Candidates for Governor Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof made one final visit to Springfield this morning before tomorrow's primary election. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

Sarah Steelman stopped by Ziggy's Café to sit down with local residents and talk about how she would change Missouri if she were elected.

Steelman talked with some of the restaurant's customers about her stance on illegal immigration, tax relief and ethics.

Steelman says she feels good about her chances tomorrow and will continue to fight until the last second.

"You know, I believe that our message is resonating and that is that people need to know that they are represented in Jefferson City, with a Governor who is listening to them and putting their interest before special interest, before lobbyists, before all the paid people in Jefferson City and that's what I'm doing," Steelman said.

She says she believes that the Republican Party needs someone who will put the people of Missouri first and she says that is what she intends to do.

Steelman says she will be waiting and watching for the primary results in Jefferson City along with her friends and family.

On the other side of Springfield, Kenny Hulshof was also making one more push before tomorrow's election.

Hulshof spoke to supporters about changes he'd like to make to the state's workers compensation system.

Hulshof says this race has been exhausting, fun, inspiring and frustrating, but he is still going strong.

"It's worth it all of it's been worth it. It's been worth it because our state is worth it. It's worth it because I think our better days are ahead of us. Yeah, we've got challenges. We've got big challenges and I think with the innovative ideas that I want to bring to the table and principled leadership and believing that our better days are ahead of use and nail this down," Hulshof said.

He says he is a fiscal conservative and he strongly believes in the values of the people of Missouri.

Hulshof says he will be waiting for Tuesday's results in Columbia with his family and campaign supporters.

Both Hulshof and Steelman said they would support one another if the other candidate won the Republican ticket.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.