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Garage Sale Junkies Share Tips for a Successful Sale

It's warm outside and now is the time to get rid of all of your clutter. One of the best ways to clean out your house and make a little money on the side is a garage sale. KSMU's Kristian Kriner went out to interview some garage sale junkies for tips of the trade.

Betty Manning has been frequenting garage sales for several years and today she found a glass tea set, perfect for her grandchildren.

Manning says she goes to garage sales early in the morning because that's when you find the best stuff at the best price.

She says most buyers are not looking for clothes at a garage sale.

"A lot of them you can tell they have clothes and unless you hit a sale that has your size and your styles. Then it's not worth getting out for clothes," Manning said.

Garage sale veterans say the best tip is to start your garage sale early in the morning.

Neely Hachtel has held over 20 garage sales.

She says the best days to have a garage sale are Thursday and Friday.

"I think Thursdays and Fridays are better or just a Saturday. I don't know people I think more people come out on Thursdays because they think they will get a better deal. If you have it two days in a row the second day isn't as good as the first," Hachtel said.

Hachtel says her strategy is to put up several big signs, so people know where to find the sale.

Teresa of Springfield is another veteran of hosting garage sales.

She says the best tip is to be prepared.

"Be really well prepared and organized. Clean everything up. Have everything priced. Have lots of change ready and have lots of help," Teresa said.

Other garage sale tips from are to advertise your garage sale, and put a set price on your items so people are less likely to haggle.

Also, place your items out so people can see them because buyers don't want to dig to find things.

Hachtel says the easiest things to sell are toys and kitchen utensils.

"Kitchen stuff probably because people use it and it's expensive in the store, so it is cheap to find at the garage sales," Hachtel said.

Garage sale experts say the best thing about having a garage sale is counting the money at the end of the day.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.