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Seussical the Musical Comes to the Landers Theatre

Dr. Seuss characters first came to life in the pages of his books.

But his quirky characters have now leapt off the pages and onto the stage.

Springfield Little Theatre at the Landers is putting on Seussical the Musical.

KSMU's Erika Brame took a backstage tour into the Land of Seuss and files this report.

Seuss characters have overrun the lobby of Springfield Little Theatre with their who horns, who hats and the jungle of Nool.

The scene inside is that of "Seuss Land," as they say here.

The backdrops are painted in bright yellow, blue and red, with a slide extending from the balcony to the stage.

Lorianne Dunn is the director of this magical world.

She says the stage centers on a young girl's imagination.

"It centers on Jojo who is a young child and a thinker of strange and wonderful thinks. She thinks up the cat in the hat. Who kind of becomes her alter ego through out the evening or master of ceremonies if you will. And Horton the Elephant and Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie LaBird, the Sour Kangaroos, Yertle the Turtle."

That young thinker is played by nine year old Springfield resident Hannah Hunt.

She was in the chorus for the theater's earlier performance of Aladdin Jr. but this is her first major role.

"I was really excited; I mean I had no clue. I was just hoping I would be in the show and then I got called back to be ... a main character. Then I'm like AHHH I'm Jojo!"

Hunt's partner in this adventure is played by Glenn Sneed as the Cat in the Hat.

He's recently moved back from New York, where he performed on Broadway.

Sneed compares this play to a roller coaster.

"Just park your adult person at the door and come on in and be a kid because it's one incredible ride. It's a very Seussical moment as we shall say here in Seuss Land."

With a cast of 95 musical, suessical characters, Seussical runs June 13-the 29th at the Springfield Little Theatre.

For more information about the performances you can visit our website

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.


  • Springfield Little Theatre Website