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Springfield Issues Fines for Untidy Lawns

Now that summer has rolled around again, it's the season of mowing lawns and watching the grass grow right back up again a couple of days later.

No one likes to see an unkempt yard, but how high is too high for letting your grass grow? KSMU's Alvin Chen reports.

The city of Canton, Ohio apparently takes its grass-cutting very seriously.

A new law there says homeowners who don't mow their lawns face a stiff fine, even jail time if a violator is particularly bad.

Many people are unaware that the City of Springfield also has rules for keeping lawns tidy.

Louise Whall, spokesperson for the City of Springfield, said violations are based on an exact measurement.

Whall said grass must be kept below 12 inches.

Whall said that in Springfield, violators are given two ten-day periods to clean up the tall grass and weeds. If they fail to respond, violators are then fined.

Whall added that, so far this year, the city has received fewer complaints of untidy yards than it had received the same time last year.