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Local SUV Sales Plummet 70 Percent as Gas Prices Soar

As Americans continue to feel the pain of soaring gas prices, one industry in particular has come to an almost standstill: the sale of sports utility vehicles.

Many drivers are spurning the big gas-guzzlers in exchange for more fuel-efficient cars, including hybrid models.

KSMU's Jennifer Moore spoke with Curtis Schoffner, Assistant Sales Manager at Youngblood Nissan in Springfield, to ask how the hike in gas prices has affected SUV sales there.

Schoffner said SUV sales at his car dealership have dropped 72 percent as compared to this time last year.

He said the decline in sales began in February of this year, then became very apparent in the spring as gas prices rose significantly.

Schoffner added that whereas about one in every three customers walking through his doors used to inquire about SUVs, now it's more like one in every twenty customers.

Customers are moving toward buying smaller, more fuel efficient cars, he said.