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Greene County Stakeholders Discuss New Land Use Plan

Greene County Stakeholders met this morning to discuss future land planning in Greene County. KSMU's Kristian Kriner reports.

All the land in Greene County is currently mapped out in what's known as the Land Use Plan.

A group of local organizations comprised a task force which decides what land is used for what purposes.

But members of the task force aren't happy with the current plan.

This morning board members from each organization brought their own recommendations on how to change the plan.

Some members argued about the future of farmland and how much water is left in Greene County.

Greg Williams is the senior vice president of economic development for the Springfield Chamber of Commerce.

He says even though there were arguments at the meeting, members managed to find some common ground.

"There is so much more agreement. So much more common area among parties that would traditionally be considered adversaries in this room this morning. Much more agreement in common area than there is conflict at this point and that is very encouraging," Williams said.

Board members agreed that stakeholders need to be involved in the new Land Use Plan and property rights must be preserved.

They also agreed that the plan should include an infrastructure plan and should be long term.

"I'm optimistic. More optimistic following this meeting this morning than I perhaps would have been walking into the meeting this morning," Williams said.

Williams will take all of the Land Use recommendations and create a list of common needs and concerns.

He will present the list of concerns at the next task force meeting on June 18th.

For KSMU News, I'm Kristian Kriner.