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Missouri Bike Trails Recieve a D for Safety

Report cards are out and Missouri received a D this year for bike safety.

Springfield certainly has more trails but getting to those trails is an issue for many bikers.

KSMU's Erika Brame went on a bike ride to Queen City Cycle to find out more.

From the KSMU studios on the Missouri State Campus to Queen City Cycle on Walnut there are no bike lanes for bikers to ride in.

"It is a some what busy street during the day time. There are no bike lanes, so I am about a foot away from the parallel parking here on Walnut Street."

Miles Hamilton is owner of Queen City Cycle.

He says he and many of his employees commute to the down town shop almost everyday.

Hamilton says he would like to see a greater awareness about sharing the road with bikers.

"Yeah maybe just some more signs, like share the road signs and more bike lanes downtown would be helpful. But, I think that they're doing a great job, greenways is doing a wonderful job."

He wants bikers to know that it is safer out in the street than on the side walk.

"Yeah just ride out a couple of feet out into the street and make the cars slow down and go around you. Don't hug up against the curb because you could crash and fall into the cars path. Mainly doing that and staying off the side walk because they are for walking not riding your bike at least in the business district, its against the law."

Dr. Brent Hugh is the Executive Director of the Missouri Bike Federation.

He says Springfield has many trails but no way to get there safely.

"Springfield you know with its goal of having the most viable trail per capita is way ahead of the rest of the state. In Springfield I think the realization people are having is that the on-street systems for walking and bicycling isn't measuring up to what is available to trails. So we have some nice trails over here and over there but gosh I have to load my bike in my car to drive over to the trail."

Hugh says that many people in the state believe that bikers have it good.

He says the state is so far behind in comparison with the rest of the country.

But, he says the stat is far behind the rest of the country.

By the way, I made it back safely to the KSMU studios from my bike ride around downtown Springfield even though there weren't any bike lanes.

For more information about bike safety you can go to our website at KSMU dot O-R-G.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame


  • Missouri Bike Federation Website