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The CU Citizen's Advisory Council Meeting on Energy

The City Utilities Citizen's Advisory Council held a meeting Thursday that highlighted recent energy programs.

CU created 13 programs created over the past several years in an attempt to conserve energy.

KSMU's Erika Brame was there and files this report.

The meeting outlined all the programs now in place for commercial and residential customers to receive rebates for making energy improvements.

Cara Shaefer, Energy Management Specialist for City Utilities, presented the council with a series of 13 programs implemented by City Utilities to increase energy efficiency.

She says those who participate in these programs can receive their rebate as a credit on their utility bill or as a check.

They can also donate it.

One program she discussed is for commercial customers that are non-profits, educational facilities, or government entities.

Shaefer says the goal was to open a program for these groups to get the help they need.

"And what we wanted to do with this one is to create an incentive program out there and a funding source for those commercial customers and projects that wouldn't fall into any of those prescribed rebate programs we have talked about. So it might be one of those programs that they have been thinking about. Something that is going to have real energy or water saving out there and that they need a little help on and we don't have a rebate for yet."

The deadline for the program application is May 15th and there are only two applicants at this time.

These energy conservation rebates come at a time when natural gas has increased from $8.00 during the winter season to the current rate of $10.50.

The council also discussed further programs to help conserve energy and create green buildings.

Another major rebate Shaefer presented was the Energy Star Heating and Cooling rebate program.

This program encompasses five different ways to conserve energy in buildings.

She says the focus of this program is the maintenance of the heating and cooling systems.

"The central air conditioner, the natural gas furnace, air source heat pump, and geo-thermal heat pump, and then by far the most popular part of this program is the pre-season HVAC tune up. So in the fall between September 1st and November 30th you can get a $30 rebate for having your furnaces tuned up and ready for the heating season and then for the central air conditioner it would be June 1st through April 30th."

May 1st was the final meeting of the CU Citizen's Advisory Council for the 2007-2008 session.

For more information about these rebates and the energy wise programs you can visit our website at KSMU dot org.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.


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