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National Battlefield Preservation Group Hosts Confrence in Ozarks

Civil War buffs from all over the country are visiting the Ozarks to study a part of the Civil War that doesn't get a lot of attention. KSMU's Emily Nash has the details.

The Civil War Preservation Trust is bringing its members to the Ozarks for its 8th annual conference.

Along with concerts and seminars, the conference will take its members on tours of battlefields in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

Jim Lighthizer is the President of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

He says this is the first time the conference has ever been held west of the Mississippi.

"We try to rotate around the country where the war was fought. This area has really been neglected, not only by scholars, but by the public at large. And we wanted to focus attention on it. And it's high time we traveled west of the Mississippi and studies the Trans Mississippi war, and the Ozarks."

Lighthizer says a major part of the Trans Mississippi conflict of the Civil War was in the Ozarks.

That's why this year's conference theme is "War in the Ozarks."

"Well we will be looking at the tactics of many various generals that fought these various battles. And we will be looking at what happened during these various battles, as I said the various tactics and strategies, and what they had on the overall war itself, and the course of that war."

He says the conference brings needed attention to Ozark battlefields that need to be preserved.

"We have done a fair amount of work in this area to save battlefields, places like Honey Springs Oklahoma, Pea Ridge Arkansas, and Wilson's Creek in Missouri, but we want to focus more public attention on the need to continue to support these parts of American Heritage."

The conference headquarters will be at the University Plaza Hotel and Conference Center in Springfield.

For more information we have a link to the Civil War Preservation Trust on our web site at KSMU. ORG.


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