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KSMU Exclusive: Hulshof Supports Limits on Missouri Campaign Contributions, Gives Specifics

In a KSMU exclusive report: After saying he would sign a bill as governor removing all caps on campaign contributions in Missouri, Congressman Kenny Hulshof now tells KSMU he actually supports some limits. KSMU's Jennifer Moore reports.

One issue raging in the Missouri legislature this session is whether to let political candidates raise as much money as they want in a campaign.

A bill removing all limits on campaign contributions has already made it through the Senate.

Supporters of the bill say big contributions do not create a conflict of interest, as long as the public can know who the contributors are.

Opponents of the bill say it allows special interest groups and wealthy individuals to "buy votes" in the legislature, and goes against clean government.

On a recent trip to Jefferson City, gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof was questioned by a reporter on whether he would sign the bill if it landed on his desk as hypothetical governor. Hulshof eventually said yes, he would sign the bill, removing all limits.

In an exclusive interview with Hulshof earlier this week, we asked Hulshof about his position on this issue.

Hulshof said he would like to put certain limits on the amount of money that a statewide candidate can raise. He would like to see that limit raised to $2500 per election for statewide candidates, and a limitation of up to $50,000 that an individual could contribute to a party.

Hulshof also says he would like to reform the Missouri Ethics Commission by making it non-partisan and enforcing stricter penalties for candidates who overstep campaign finance bounds.

The bill to remove all limits on campaign contributions to elected officials now goes to the House.

For KSMU News, I'm Jennifer Moore in Springfield.