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Unsung Heroes: Eric Travis and Kelly Dame[Part_1]

7:30AM: Eric Travis is Youth and Young Adult Minister at Christ Episcopal Church in Springfield. He was nominated because of his work with youth, particularly his passion for working with them. 4:30PM: Kelly Dame, longtime choir director at West Plains High School, was nominated for the sacrifices and efforts she has made in order for her small-town students to travel the world and see themselves as better citizens of humanity. She has dedicated her talents to not only producing music recognized on an international scale; she also sees it as her mission to take that student who feels he or she is a "nobody," and help them see themselves as "somebody."

Eric Travis is the Youth and Young Adult Minister at Christ Episcopal Church in Springfield. He's been in Springfield and in his current position for five and a half years.

It's his work with young people that prompted a KSMU listener to nominate Eric Travis as an Unsung Hero. Travis explains why he loves working with young people.

Giving back means encouraging young people, developing relationships with them and being open with them.

He says as young people grow, they often ask tough questions...He says that has helped him grow as well.

Searching for answers is something that Eric Travis encourages youth to do. He says he wants them to be comfortable asking tough questions.

Travis says for today's youth, their involvement in church goes beyond just asking questions.

So, Eric Travis helps the 35 to 40 young people who are active in his church look for ways to put actions to their beliefs. Recently, they put on a party for parents and children who use the Parenting Life Skills Center and the Family Violence Center.

Eric Travis says he has several ways of evaluating whether or not he's making an impact on the lives of the youth in his church.

As graduation approaches for high school seniors, Eric Travis reflects on what he wishes for them as they head off to college.

Eric Travis, one of the Unsung Heroes we're featuring this week as part of our Sense of Community series.