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Update on Flooding in Southwest Missouri

Heavy rainfall Monday night through Tuesday night brought about flooding for parts of the Ozarks. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Shelton: Joining me on the phone to talk about the rain and flooding is National Weather Service meteorologist Drew Albert. Drew, what kind of rainfall totals did we see?

Albert: It did vary quite a bit. The highest rainfall totals we've seen so far has been in excess of half a foot or over 6 inches in many areas just south of I-44 and in some areas in South Central Missouri, the rainfall amounts approach and exceed 10 inches. Here at the airport in Springfield, we've had 5.35 inches of rainfall over the last 48 hours and that's actually much less than some areas just to our south.

Shelton: Is it unusual to see this much rainfall all at once in the Ozarks?

Albert: Absolutely. You don't see rainfall events like this very often. A lot of people are comparing this to 1993 and I personally wasn't here back then. Some of the river stages that we're seeing along the James River here in the Springfield area are at or in some cases above 1993 levels. We're seeing a lot of stages that are what we call major flood or approaching record flood stage, mainly in the southern and eastern portions of the Ozarks.

Shelton: That was Drew Albert, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Springfield.