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After the Flooding in Christian County

The rain has finally stopped. And many businesses, roads, and homes in Christian County are dealing with damage left by the flooding. KSMU's Emily Nash visited Ozark and has the details.

After a hectic few days of sandbagging and duct tapping, workers with the Heritage Jeep Crysler Dealership in Ozark can finally take a break.

Jeremy Sanders works at the Dealership.

He and some of his co-workers wait in the flooded parking lot for the power to come back on, and for the water to recede.

"We didn't get any water inside the building, we had a couple of drains back up, but that was about it, and now we are just waiting for the power to come back on so we can get back to work I guess."

Overflowing water from the Finley River caused major flooding in the dealership's parking lot, and almost reached the building.

"We were pretty worried at first, because the water was rising and it was pretty close to the building, it was about ten feet away from the building and we still hadn't seen the first sandbag, so me and another guy went to where they were giving the sandbags at the airport, and we helped them tie sandbags and we got a couple of trucks loaded down here to get the sandbags put up."

Phill Amtower is the director of the Office of Emergency Management for Christian County.

He takes me to the warehouse by the Ozark airport where Sanders got the bags.

"We actually ran out of sand, we got a bunch bagged up, last night in case we needed them, and we delivered sand bags until about three o'clock in the morning I think."

Its miserable filling these bags up in the rain, so it was wonderful that we had a place we could get under a roof and not get wet, so...

Nash: who filled them up?

Amtower: Volunteers. All volunteers, we had thirty to forty different people out here just filling last night, and then we had about eight or ten people in pickup trucks that were delivering them where they needed to go.

They got a lot done last night! And its hard labor. Back Breaking, to bend over and somebody hold the bag and somebody fills it up, and somebody ties it.

Nash: How heavy are they? (Crinkle sound of bags)

Amtower: Depending on what kind of sand you put in them, these are about 20-30 pounds. So, after you have done a few, you feel it in the morning."

He says over one thousand sand bags were used to stop and divert flooding in the county.

The Christian County Office of Emergency Management isn't new to weather disasters.

Amtower says from tornadoes, to ice storms, to flooding, the county has seen its fair share of weather blows.

"Christian County could take a break from disasters. If we get presidential declaration for this last flooding event, this will be six residentially declared disasters since 03. So, if anybody needs to know how to do FEMA paper work, I'm the man. (laughter)"

He says people should check their homes and businesses very carefully for water damage.

"We want to make sure they get their home checked out by a certified electrician, water's been in there so mold is going to be an issue in a couple of months, so have it checked out well"

If you need flood assistance, you can contact the Christian County Office of Emergency Management at 581-2126.