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Tuition and Scholarship Increases for MSU

Missouri State University is planning to increase the cost of tuition again, this time by almost 4%. The university Board of Governors plans to examine the proposal in a meeting on Friday. KSMU's Megan Keathley reports.

If the new tuition increase is approved by the Board of Governors, students will be paying at least 7 dollars more per credit hour this coming fall. Last year, tuition increased by 3-and-a-half percent; this year's projected numbers are up to 3.9. Vicki Mattox, Director of the Student Financial Aid Office, said the university's scholarships and grants attempt to keep up with the rising costs of education. Mattox said the largest Missouri State scholarships are adjusted every year to cover the tuitions of eligible students. Mattox added that the federal government does its best to keep up with college costs by introducing new grants every year.

Heather King is Assistant Director of Financial Aid. When it comes to scholarship money donated by a family or an individual, she says the award amounts granted each year depend largely on the economy.

Mrs. King also said that university President Michael Neitzel is quote "very big" on procuring as many new donor-funded scholarships as possible.