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Red Light Camera Signs Around Springfield May Cause Confusion

It's been almost one year since certain intersections in Springfield came under the watchful eye of red light cameras. Although there are only four intersections that have the cameras installed, you may have noticed signs warning of the cameras posted throughout town. KSMU's Jana Greer has more.

There are signs posted around Springfield warning drivers of red light cameras and of the one-hundred dollar fine for running a red light. But some of these signs are posted far from intersections that have the red light cameras. Earl Newman is the Director of Public Works and Traffic Engineering for Springfield. He says the signs around town may cause confusion as to where the cameras are but it will help reduce the amount of drivers who run red lights.

The signs may be confusing but Newman says they are not meant to be deceiving.

The Springfield City Council has approved the installation of 16 cameras at intersections. You can find out which signals have the cameras now by using the link at


  • Springfield Traffic and Engineering Website