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Sen. Champion Proposes Drug Monitoring Bill

Senator Norma Champion was scheduled to introduce a bill today which will make it tougher for people in Missouri to manufacture methamphetamine. KSMU's Megan Keathley has more.

Pharmacies in Missouri are very familiar with and ingredient called pseudoephedrine. It's a common nasal decongestant, found in drugs like Sudafed, Claritin D and Zyrtec. It's also used to cook methamphetamine. Since 2005, Missouri pharmacies have been required to keep a log of pseudoephedrine purchases, but only notifying authorities after suspicious amounts had been purchased. According to Senator Champion, the previous system left a long paper trail and is no longer effective in deterring meth manufacturers.

At this point, says Senator Champion, the pharmacy would refuse to sell the drug to that customer. Senate Bill 732 has been given a first-round approval by the Missouri House and is being heard on the Senate floor this week.

Senator Champion expects her bill will be supported; she says it passed in the Senate last year 34-to-nothing, before being laid over in the House. This is Megan Keathley for KSMU News.