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Marshfield Price Cutter Removes Alcohol from Shelves

The Price Cutter in Marshfield gave alcoholic beverages a shot but local customers have shot it down.

KSMU's reporter Erika Brame has more.

Price Cutter in Marshfield started selling beer in their store about 6 months ago to stay competitive with local stores but now they've pulled it all off the shelves.

Store Director Kevin Curtis says this is due to an increase in customer complaints.

"The main reason we took it out of the store is because of the community. A lot of customers were coming in and saying they wished we wouldn't carry it. They wanted an alcohol free place to buy their groceries and I discussed it with my corporate office and we decided to take it out."

Since the decision last week to remove alcohol from the store Curtis says the store has seen several new faces.

"We've had a lot of new faces in the store. I've had a lot of people come up to me and thank us for taking it out of the store and they say they will only shop at this store because it does not have alcohol. So it is definitely increased sales and traffic in the store."

Some customers such as Lois Turner will now drive the extra mile to shop in an alcohol free establishment.

"I shopped both places, probably more at Summer Fresh because it's closer to my home and convenient but I will drive the extra distance now."

Tuner isn't the only one with praise for the store.

Virginia Price is a long time customer who is happy with what they have done.

"I appreciate their effort and I appreciate Price Cutter."

This is a local move by the Marshfield Price Cutter and may not translate to other Price Cutters in the Springfield area.

For KSMU News I'm Erika Brame.