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New Organization Making Branson Deaf Friendly

A new organization in Branson is helping businesses offer more to visitors. Signed Entertainment Enterprises is an organization that helps businesses become deaf friendly, allowing members of the deaf community to better enjoy their time in Branson. KSMU's Jana Greer reports.

According to the Deaf Welcome Foundation, there are 25 million people who are deaf in America. Many businesses cater to the deaf by occasionally hosting special events with interpreters and captioning, but companies like Signed Entertainment Enterprises or S.E.E. believes that the deaf should have these opportunities everyday. Randy Boude is the founder and CEO of S.E.E. He explains how S.E.E. works.

Boude says he first began working in Branson after a friend from the White House Theatre called him for help when the theatre was hosting a group of people who were deaf.

Here's how it works. An interpreter is pre-recorded signing the dialogue and lyrics from the show. The video of the interpreter is then shown on a big screen in the theatre during the show. Since the White House Theatre has been deaf friendly certified, there has been an over whelming response from other theatres, restaurants and hotels wanting to be certified too.

Boude says his future plans are to reach vacation destinations all over the U.S. and the world, but first he is starting with Branson.

The S.E.E. will be opening Missouri's first Deaf Welcome Center in Branson at the end of the month. The center will let visitors know which businesses are deaf friendly for their stay in Branson. For more information about the S.E.E. and places that are deaf friendly you can use the link at to visit the S.E.E. website.


  • Signed Entertainment Enterprises Website