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Springfield Hospital Tests New Hand Sanitizer

A new product believed to sanitize skin for hours against so-called super bugs is headed to market. Research on the compound took place here in Springfield at St John's Hospital. KSMU's Missy Shelton reports.

Dr.Roger Huckfeldt is medical director of St John's Trauma and Burn Research.

He was involved in conducting research on the sanitizer.

According to Huckfeldt, the research showed that skin absorbs the compound, providing defense against 99 percent of super bugs for up to three hours. Super bugs are antibiotic-resistant organisms that cause serious, sometimes fatal infections in hospitals and among athletes.

Huckfeldt says he expects the sanitizer will be added to dressings used on burn patients and others with serious injuries.

Towels treated with the sanitizer are available to hospitals for patient bed baths. Huckfeldt says these towels are a much more effective cleansing system than soap and water.

He says the product is better than alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which evaporate shortly after they're applied and cause skin to dry out.

St John's will begin using the towels treated with the new sanitizer with patients in the neuron-trauma intensive care unit within a week.

The sanitizer will be marketed to the public under the name Bacrobial and an eight ounce bottle will cost nearly 50 dollars.