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Experts Give Holiday Gift Card Advice

Buying gift cards this holiday season might seem like an easy way to give a gift. But not all gift cards are what they seem. KSMU's Emily Nash tells us what to be aware of when buying gift cards.

It's expected that 26 billion dollars will be spent on gift cards during the holidays this year.

Travis Ford is the Consumer Educator for Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon.

But buying a legitimate gift card might be trickier than you think.

Ford says be sure the gift card shows the correct amount balance and the card is accepted at the place you think the recipient will use it.

Ford says you should also be careful when buying gift cards from Internet auction web sites.

You should also keep all receipts for the gift cards you buy.

If you are given a gift card this season, make sure you use the card.

Ford says is easy to forget about your cards when they are stuffed in your wallet all year.

Card recipients should also be sure to use the card at the correct location, and have a cashier check the card before using it for a purchase.